Rent the pub

Rotary Pub is available for rental arrangements for private parties. We have long experience of throwing e.g. 25th/30th anniversaries and graduation parties.

Rentals normally takes place on Saturdays or other times when the pub don't have regular activities (New Year's Eve, during the summer, etc.).

The two main alternatives that are offered are described below. For more extensive information, see our rental conditions (sorry, in Swedish only at this time) or contact us directly. We can incorporate many variations on your request; examples that we have offered before include live bands, DJs, karaoke, etc.

Three course dinner

Served starter.

The most common alternative. Three courses including wine are served. The premises are available from agreed upon time until 03 at latest.

Our personnel suggest a menu that is discussed with the renting party. Alternatives for different price levels are available.

The food is prepared by us on location and our staff handles all the work.

We lay the tables in our adjacent dinner room and we keep the bar manned during the entire evening.

Underage people are allowed to be in the premises, of course as long as they aren't served any alcohol.

Bar rental

The pub with bar staff is rented without a formal dinner taking place.

Sample pictures

Laid tables in the pub.
An arrangement for a smaller party when the pub itself was used as dinner room.
Laid tables in the pub, with guests.
Later the same evening when the guests had arrived.
Laid tables in the dinner room.
Laying tables in our ordinary dinner room. During the dinner the ceiling lamps are switched off and candelabra provide the lightening.